yesterday's paper...

...was incredible. And I'm not just saying that because my photo ran two pages wide on a two-page wraparound cover.. as I look through yesterday's edition, I continue to be impressed with the work our staff pulled off without power and without being able to get much of anywhere in town with so many road closures. We have emergency generators running the essentials, snails-pace internet allowing us to keep our website up-to-date, and a headlamp hanging in the newsroom for those who venture out to the port-o-potties on the roof of the garage (we're without water, too).

Really. Our staff is producing incredible work, to the point that Friday's paper sold out all over town and had to go for a special reprint. Our new editor started Tuesday, and wrote a column about our efforts as a staff here. We have a long few weeks (months, even) ahead as we continue to cover this story.

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  1. very good job. good lesson of fotography. thanks. edu