From the weekend, a swim meet and a jazz festival...


Another triathlon.. but this time, I had much better angles on the swim leg, and a reporter driving with me who's covered this triathlon for seven years. (Now I'm all inspired to get in shape... but I'm starting slow, with one lap a time at the track. Small steps.)


nyc : the cloisters : 5.9.07


nyc : 5.8.07

the sculpture garden on the roof of the met

a perfect afternoon at the park

...followed by a perfect night


seattle : july 4

seattle : aquarium : 05.23.07

seattle : market 05.23.07

seattle center : 05.22.07

seattle: olympic sculpture park : 05.22.07

seattle: shore : 05.22.07

seattle: underground : 05.22.07


I found an expired roll of half-shot slide film in my camera a couple months ago... apparently I haven't used my F100 since spring break 2005, when I went to Appleton, Wisc., with Alyssa. Her dog isn't really that pink (we're talking about some oooooold film), but the tether ball really is huge.


Valley of the Sun Triathlon...

I jumped in chest-deep in the pond yesterday, camera held high above my head, for the first photo (so you'd better believe we ran it!).