Obama, from the front row (and the back)

For those who missed the grand announcement earlier this year, I've been blogging over at the Gazette's staff blog, reFocus. Click through to read a little behind-the-scenes of covering Presidential campaign visits, and view a gallery of Obama's recent visit to Cornell College.


After the game

Usually after a long day of football, the last thing I want to do is take more photos. (The first thing is generally food+cable tv at the hotel.) But we just got new cameras (bright shiny 1Dxs for everyone!), and what better way to test it out then to wander a strange college campus late at night? The first photo is the same scene photographed 12 hours earlier in the previous post.

(Technical note: I'm still running CS4, which doesn't seem to have RAW updates for this camera yet, so these were all shot jpg and barely edited for this post. I can't wait to see what this camera can do once I get upgraded to CS6/Lightroom...)


Top of Iowa, from the passenger seat

Eastern time

When you fail to account for a time zone difference, and arrive at the stadium an hour early (well before any fans)...