archive surprise

I was digging through the archive today and found some fun surprises. This guy introduces the CR Rollergirls before their match at US Cellular. This may be the one photo in existence from that arena with killer (as opposed to flat/colorless) light. Taken 11.22.08.


Jackson the Action Whippet (and his human)

Last month I photographed local artist Fred Easker as he worked in his basement studio. His new puppy, Jackson the Action Whippet (think Jackson (Pollock) the Action Painter) is almost always scampering about the studio or perched in that chair while Easker paints. I know my presence can be a distraction in some situations, much as I try to just be a respectful observer, but it was tougher than I anticipated in such a silent space. When he works, he says it's like a meditation, so imagine attemtping that when a camera is clicking in the background.

Jackson, a four month-old Whippet, chews on a toy while Cedar Rapids artist Fred Easker works on a painting of a view near Harpers Ferry in his home studio on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009. Easker is one of the five artists selected to create work for the new federal courthouse.