Patience and golf carts

I always love shooting at golf courses, for one reason: I get to drive a golf cart. This week, my assignment was almost absurdly flexible. "Shoot a photo at a city golf course to illustrate a season wrap-up story." The folks at Ellis Golf Course pointed out where I was most likely to find golfers, handed me a key and I was off. I drove backwards on the course past several holes, shooting some along the way but not seeing anything as striking as the light and landscape back at the 18th hole. So I found a good vantage point and waited. It couldn't have been a lovelier day to wait for a golfer to stop in just the right place.


It's been awhile since I rode on a tractor. Decades, probably. And even that was a rusty old Massey Ferguson, probably perched on my granda's knee. So imagine my surprise when I climbed into the cab of this monster, and it was air conditioned, had a radio, a computer to spread exactly the right amount of fertilizer on each bit of land and pretty much drove itself. Read Orlan Love's story over here.



"So, would you rather cover Boy Scouts sorting canned food or break dancing Saturday?"
Um, huh?

The photo above was pretty much a wonderful accident. I was playing with slow shutter speeds (below), hoping one of the kids' camera flashes would sync up with me at some point, but after a couple rounds I switched back to a faster speed to at least have a 'safe' shot in the bag. (Of course, the safe shots were fine too, but...). And then, magically, someone's flash synced up with my shot. Joy! Celebration! And then running around looking for the kid for 20 minutes, because he somehow disappeared into thin air after his round.


this is football

..or at least what you get when you combine a darkdarkdark stadium with an oldoldold camera. Fortunately, I did get a few decent photos of the game, but I just had to laugh and shake my head when I saw this frame.


Hobo lunch

Students at a school wrapped up a unit on the Great Depression with a hobo-style lunch of meat and veggies.

It’s disgusting,” said one student. What if it was the only food available? For several days? “Then I’d eat it all."


I was at the Iowa City farmers market an hour earlier than the subject I was meeting last week, so I wandered around look for slivers of sweet afternoon light amidst the ugly orange parking ramp lights.



Just a few frames from a photo shoot for my brother this weekend, as part of my continuing curation of his apartment walls. This shoot has been in the works for months, we just had to be in the same place at the same time!