Two days of jubing

In photographer-speak, “jube” refers to photos of celebration, or jubilation. With the state volleyball tournament in town, we’ve had plenty to go around. We each had a two-day rotation at the tournament this year, which meant five games a day with plenty of opportunity to get great jube photos. Here are a few of my favorites from the past couple of days. To see the Gazette’s coverage of the tournament, with 40 (yes, 40) game galleries, click here.


This photo has languished my 'to post' folder for awhile now. I met this fledgling photographer at a story in January; he was following me around the classroom pretending to take pictures of me, so I turned my camera back on him. Kids are always curious about my own cameras, and I find myself giving little lessons while on assignment on a regular basis. Of course, those lessons are usually just along the lines of "Okay, now push this button for a really long time!" and waiting for their expressions of amazement at the rapid-fire of the shutter.