Eye in the sky

“How are you with flying?”
It’s a question we’ve all been asked, so I know it comes with a chance to shoot from, probably, a small plane, or maybe a helicopter. I already know to expect a bumpy flight; the plane lifts and drops at pockets of hot air. But aside from the usual flight turbulence, there’s an extra dose of nausea from looking through the viewfinder while moving.
So of course I reply with, “Oooh, where am I going?”


Wandering eye

Even after a long day of work, it’s hard to shut down the photo-seeking part of my brain. Continue reading on reFocus... 


Fourth finale

While the rest of the city (and country) is grilling and enjoying a day off, we still have to put out a paper, and this year I volunteered for the July 4th shift. Here in Cedar Rapids the fireworks are launched from Mays’ Island, with great views on both sides of the river. Continue reading on reFocus...