“You don’t tell. I broke the rules; I told,” Brigid said. “And that is why a lot of women don’t come forward — because it was your fault anyway. What did you expect when you put on those boots? What did you expect? You want to play in a man’s world, well, you’re going to have to play with the men.” Continue reading about these incredible women, and our portrait collaboration, on reFocus.



Just after I visited Kevin Heiserman’s Rowley farm for a story on how the drought is affecting Iowa cattle farmers, new national cattle numbers were released showing the country’s cattle count at a four-decade low. The cows were a little skittish around the stranger with the camera, so I backed off for a few minutes until I could slowly approach again, positioning myself low to the ground near a mound of hay. To see more photos head over to reFocus.. 


Never a wasted trip

A couple of weeks ago, I arrived  in Viola for a tour of the old school, which should soon be the home for the Stone City Art Institute and would be hosting Viola’s RAGBRAI stop. A mixup with our contact left us without inside access, so instead I wandered the grounds, which were still plenty interesting. Check out Steve Gravelle’s story on the future plans for the historic school, and click through to reFocus to see more photos.