week 2!

levi is the one-man rodeo team from a local college (and maybe the first rider to represent the school at the national college rodeo finals)

high school graduation practice.. the girl in the center is going into rotc in the fall.


The next few posts will be playing catch-up on my first weeks here (while I try to figure out this crazy template..bleh)...

week 1 !

ffa farm days.. little kids running around with farm animals, you can't go wrong.

The kids' version of the gap2gap relay.. boating, running, biking, skating.. I was impressed.


So, here we go. First post. Which is really just a test post, so please, check back soon, when I have my recent work from Yakima posted. This blog is a continuation of the other full frame madness, while I try to figure out what to do with that side project. Both are works in progress I guess.

(Above: Rainier cherry packing plant. I'm loving cherry season.)