Presidential visit to Iowa

It's been a busy week trying to catch up after those crazy two weeks, so this is the first of many posts for today.

Everyone photographs the president descending the stairs.. but I found myself more intrigued by the man waiting for the stairs to meet the plane.

At the briefing, I got into position and waited for Bush to come to me. He was surrounded by local and federal officials, so I didn't have a clean frame with context until he got closer, with posters showing the devastation to his left and local mayors to his right.

A quick glimpse at the Iowa City mayor Regenia Bailey as governor Chet Culver looks on.

From above the flood in Coralville. Marine One was in our sight over much of the flight (or at least the important parts, like CR and Coralville.)

A quick address at the edge of the water on Normandy Drive.

And the end of the day, I stayed on the runway until the plane was out of sight.


  1. the sad / amazing thing is that every single one of these photos is better than the one that ran in the times.

  2. I know, that's what I thought too! I should have a word with their photo editor. And then ask them to hire me.