CR flood, Time Check, First Friday

Each photographer has been assigned a neighborhood to continue working in throughout the flood recovery. I was in Time Check, one of the hardest-hit areas, last Friday 6/20 photographing more cleanup.

This group decided it was easier to salvage dry belongings from the second floor using a ladder, rather than trudging through the muck on the first floor. You can see the water line at the top of the first floor windows. This family was yet another example of how incredible Iowans have been in the face of this disaster -- wife, husband, father-in-law and ex-husband all came together for the clean-up effort.

In an ironic twist, Adam will clean up the rubble from the curb after he moves it from his mother's house. He works for the city's solid waste department.

The flood left all sorts of things in places they don't belong. This boat was gone when I went back a few days ago.

Sheila, left, left her pets behind when the mandatory evacuation order was issued. Her sister Deb was with her Friday as they searched, and found, the dogs and cats. The water rose at least to the ceiling on the first floor. They didn't stand a chance. Rescuers went to the house as the floodwater rose, but were unable to find the animals.

Evidence of life lost was everywhere..

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