CR flood, Time Check, Lawrence family

As I walked through Time Check last Friday (6/20), I noticed a purple tag on this house, and a woman with tears streaming down her face. I talked with her for a few minutes until her husband and daughter arrived, when I asked if I could stay and take photos while they looked around. Considering what the people living the flood zones have been through for the past weeks, they have been incredibly open with me, telling their stories and allowing me access, however briefly, to their lives and sharing their pain.

Lindsay Lawrence bends down to hug her daughter Hayley, 3, as they see their Fourth Street NW home in the Time Check neighborhood for the first time on Friday, June 20, 2008, since evacuating last Tuesday, June 10. Their home was marked with a purple tag indicating that their home is unsafe to enter; Lawrence and her husband Jonathan Lawrence expect that it will be demolished. "Seeing the TV, you can stay calm until you get here and see face to face what it is," Lindsay Lawrence said. They were able to remove clothes, photos and major appliances before evacuating. "It's unreal to think... our whole lives were in there," Lindsay said. It was the first home the family had owned.

A shed from Jonathan and Lindsay Lawrence's yard was carried between their home and a neighbor's home by the floodwater last week.

Jonathan Lawrence reads the purple tag on his door indicating that he and his family will be unable to return to their home because it is unsafe.

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