Gifts from God, via Liberia

The project I mentioned awhile back (the family with four adopted Liberian kids, one of whom just came to America this August) published this Sunday -- I have yet to see it in print, and the SoundSlides I did hasn't been posted yet, but, you can see all the published photos here. (For those of you that hate feature hunting: I literally stumbled across this family a day after their new daughter came home, while roaming around a park looking for art, and started work on the project two days later. So you never know what you'll find...) There were really two stories here: the story of Neomi coming to America, and the story of a big family. I tried to find a compromise between the two, but still feel like I could have kept on shooting for a couple more weeks with them (but, of course, work on the project ended when I moved to SLC). Here are a few of my favorites...

Neomi's first trip to the grocery store.

Blessing brushes E-man's teeth in the morning.

Dan, Neomi and Blessing cuddle up next to the campfire.

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