From three different days, three different assignments relating to 9/11. Flags, kids, and soldiers.

The Healing Field in Sandy held 2,998 flags, in honor of the victims of 9/11. This outtake was taken on Saturday, when the flags were being set up.. when I drove past yesterday, the field was still covered with them.

First, published, and second, an outtake from a Department of Public Safety service on Tuesday.

A different version of what ran on the front page today.. Scott Upton received the Distinguished Flying Cross for service in Iraq. He officially received it while in Iraq, and there will be a ceremony this winter.. so we're left with a portrait. After digging in boxes for while, he found his medal, and was quite a good sport about all the time the reporter and I took up. The photo that ran had a little more depth of field, but this is the one originally submitted.

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