The Ave : Four for the Road

The group project by the YHR photo staff (four of us, thus the title) is publishing this week, and my part, about playing on Yakima Avenue, ran today. Read the article, then check out the slideshow that Sara put together of all the photos, with an essay written and read by Ed Stover, a retired journalist. "More than a way from here to there; rather the way to there from here and there, where we gather to work, to play, to shop and to pray. Or to walk, like today... You understand now why she's the Ave, and not just a street. She's us, you see, that makes it personal."

After this, I have one more project for Yakima that will publish next Sunday. I'm itching to post the photos.

But, here are a few of my photos from the project -- which somehow all involve defying gravity.

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