Spring light

As I was skipping out the door for work this morning (in spring I don't "walk," I "frolick," or "skip," or "stroll."), I decided to finally photograph the great morning light in my neighbor's yard. I've been eying the tomato cages for a couple days now (bottom photo), and the birdhouse has been subject of a few photos in my two years in this house.


  1. did your neighbors see you? did you see your neighbors?
    i feel like this is could be awkward in the morning when people are getting ready for work and in various states of dress.

  2. The dog on the other side of my house FREAKED OUT when I started lurking around my yard with the camera, but I'm not sure if theses neighbors saw me at all. I wasn't shooting toward the house. I should make prints of the photos I've taken of their yard over the years..