boston, sort of

Lately, I've tended not to shoot much ("much" being a relative term) when I'm on vacation (though some of my friends would disagree), so this weekend my camera spent most of its time in my bag. Here, then, is the story of my weekend, through photos from the plane and portraits of Ross around the city.

I got on an early enough flight out of Cedar Rapids to watch the sun rise from the plane.

A two-hour layover in Chicago gave me time to send postcards and buy a my first book of Sudoku, which I was immediately addicted to and infuriated with.

First order of business, after lunch, was a tour of Harvard, where Ross takes a class (the rest are at BU). I felt smarter, and a little more pretentious, just being on campus.

Those are some snazzy boots, hm? Texas pride, I've found, increases based on the distance one is away from home. This was also about the time Ross realized he had lost his hat. Sadness.

Dinner at a delightful place in the North End, after walking the Freedom Trail and eating some, uh, chowdah.

A gorgeous day Monday was reason enough to walk all 364.4 Smoots (plus an ear) of the Harvard Bridge to Cambridge.

Then I ran from K19 to G17 at O'Hare in about seven minutes to catch my plane to Cedar Rapids, and only made it home about an hour and a half behind schedule (after getting help from an airport maintenance guy with a scraper, a shovel and a good shove out of my plowed-in parking spot).


  1. Remember our safari on Revere Beach? Or the Granby waterfall? Or missing the Red Sox game by seconds? I miss college. Oh, Boston. And how can you forget Niagara Fall? ;-)

  2. oh man.. of course I remember! I was going through old photos the other day and came across the Revere Beach collection.. ah, sweet memories...