Since I moved here so close to the caucus, I didn't get to cover as much of the campaigning as I had hoped, but here are some outtakes from the past few weeks..

Romney at Kirkwood College 
Biden at the Washington Public Library -- he mentioned a few times his respect for Iowans and how seriously they take their 'job' as first caucus state in the country.  It was a low-key (but packed) appearance, and he took more questions than any other candidate I photographed.  (Biden and his coffee is the only published photo from this post.)

Edwards was late, as usual, to this event in Washington, so they showed his campaign DVD to the standing room only crowd (to kill time, I can only presume).

Hello, Mr. Edwards.  Hello, Edwards' handler. (From Coe College bus tour stop.  At both Edwards appearances I photographed, I seemed to have a knack for getting in his way.)