Catching up with some work from the first few weeks of January.. Below, feature hunting on a foggy morning downtown -- you can barely see City Hall / Mays Island in the upper right corner. As long as there's open water, he'll fish. If there's no open water, he stays home.

With the closing of Osada (a lower-income apartment building) to become slightly higher-income housing, 3rd Street Boxing moved to the southeast side of town and became East Side Boxing. Posters of legends hang on every wall, this one overlooking a local boxer named Diamond (what a great boxer name, huh?).

Back in my day, "computer lab" was a half-hour spent playing Oregon Trail, giggling as caravan members named after our classmates came down with dysentery or drowned while fording the river. I bet these kids couldn't kill a buffalo to save their lives, but their math skills are probably a lot better than mine.

Seniors work on a mural project at a private school in Dyersville..