Totally egg-cellent

I’ve been known to eat breakfast foods for all three meals in one day, so it’s no secret that I love eggs. Scrambled, fried, deviled, steamed, in a quiche/burrito/taco/bagel, cracked over pasta, crumbled over a salad, baked in a bacon “wrapper”…. So when Meredith came to me with her next food column my mouth started watering immediately: EGGS. In particular, the diversity of eggs. We all know how to scramble them and fry, but what else can you do with eggs? Head over to reFocus to see more photos (including an egg-eating farm cat), and once you get good and hungry, check out the story for recipes. (Props to Ashley at Kensington Palate for the egg+avocado idea!)


Lake day

Every now and then, N and I will go on photo field trips. Yesterday we headed out to the reservoir for a couple hours for some fresh air before coming back into town for more of Mission Creek. Spring came early to Iowa, and even though this was the mildest winter I've experienced yet, the buds on the trees are still cause for excitement.