I was in Arizona this weekend for my first Iowa football game of the season. It was a little stressful having a road game be my first game, but I didn't forget anything important (like a monopod or credential). A post of my off-work AZ photos will come later. For now, here's the game.. see more here.

Below, three photos from one Arizona fumble. My focus slipped as Arizona receiver William Wright (right) fumbled the ball after a tackle by Iowa defensive back Shaun Prater in the fourth quarter -- the faces of the coaches and players told the story.
I have a frame of Prater's hand grasping the ball (in the slideshow), but the faces here are great.

I knew there would be reaction one way or the other from the Iowa bench once the play was reviewed (and I had already seen my photo with the ball in Prater's hand), so I just had to wait for...

Of course, Iowa lost, so jube photos aren't relevant. Cliff Jette really captured the mood of the fans in this photo, though.