Postville two years later

I went to Postville a couple weeks ago for a story with Orlan Love on the town, two years after the raid (my photos from raid are here). There are so many different possibilities for how to cover this story now, but the realities of newspaper deadlines (and two-hour drive) kind of got in the way of that. And then there were the cultural differences.. not many women (if any) go into the gathering place I took a few photos in, and several of the men scattered when I explained who I was and what I was doing there. Above, Aden Abdi (left) and Hare Warsame watch television at a private club where many Somalis gather on Friday afternoon, May 7, 2010, in Postville. Warsame and Abdi are among the more than 100 Somalis who moved to Postville to work at Agri Star. Abdi's family is still in St. Cloud, Minn., and will join him once he has a place to live and his employment is secure. Below, a delicious-smelling rice and goat dish.. or what was left of it. The group gathered around it eating left shortly after my arrival.

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