chlorinated pt 2

All too often I shoot for what space I know is available for prep sports -- usually inside, black and white. Swimming is no exception. It's pretty easy to just plant myself in front of lane 3 or 4 for the final heat. Unfortunately, high school pools are dark dark dark, and those center lanes have the worst light, with very little light on the swimmers' faces and ugly color in the water (as opposed to the vibrant blue in lane 1 or 2). I have no idea who the swimmer in the above photo is -- this was shot during warm-ups, and half the swimmers had shaved their heads (thus no distinguishing swim cap). I shot from the leaky underwater observation area, which had only one or two areas clean enough to shoot through. I did shoot some racing from beneath, but none of it really worked. I'll try again.

Standard racing stuff...

And some end of race features (these are the two we ended up running):

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  1. Lol, that window is straight gnarly. I'm surprised it hasn't failed yet!