The designer's house

I photographed local interior designer Mark Roberts for a Hoopla cover a couple of weeks ago in his home. Portraits (and lighting) are not my strong suit, made slightly more difficult on this shoot by needing to incorporate the decor of his house into the portrait. We started in the living room, but it just wasn't quite working photographically, so we moved on to the dining room. (Much thanks to our new intern, Julie, who came along and stood in a tiny corner holding the light, when a lightstand was much too obtrusive.) I love the rounded doorway, the starburst mirror (but wish the light fixture was a little higher), and showing just enough of the room that you get a sense of his style. I also knew it would never run that way in Hoopla, since it's a square cover (but I guess I hoped it might run full-frame inside). Oh, well.

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