The big game

All week I've been hearing, "It's Iowa/Iowa State!" and I kind of go, "Ehhh." Not being a native, and not being an alum from either school, the rivalry doesn't mean a lot to me - which is not to say I wasn't excited to shoot it, just that I didn't have the same intensity of my coworkers. I wasn't too thrilled with any of my action from the game (I'm hoping I've worked out the rustiness of my first two games now), but I dug a few of the features from before the game..

Jerry Ratliff was deployed to Iraq last week, so his friends made a life-size cutout of him so the team wouldn't be disheartened by his absence.

In the spirit of fairness, I did also shoot an Iowa tent being put up. I just happen to like this one better.

I saw all sorts of kids and puppies dressed in Iowa gear. But this is Iowa and Iowa State in the same wagon! I had better frames of the ISU kid, but the Iowa kid kept glaring at the camera. Don't know why, I was wearing black, just like him..

This would have been so much cooler from a lower angle. But once they started coming out, I worried they wouldn't see me, and I would end up trampled...

...like last week's close call. (Photo by Rodney White, DM Register) If you happen to watch any future Iowa games, look out for my white bandana..


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM CST

    AH, man, that was my photo.....
    Rodney White
    The Des Moines Register

  2. You're right! Consider it corrected.