the one that got away

As I was wandering Rompot last week, I saw the legs, and quickly snapped a couple frames. I was working my way closer to the truck, hoping that the man inside was asleep and wouldn't wake up until I got the shot I really wanted. No luck. He sat up as I approached and looked at me quizzically, so we introduced ourselves and Stephen asked him some questions for the story. A missed opportunity. I'll be sneakier next time.

Some of you that have been reading this blog for awhile know that I don't crop the photos I put here if they're outtakes, or taken on personal time -- thus, 'full frame madness,' a term used by one of my photo professors. It's a challenge to myself to use every bit of the frame. The only cropped images are photos I took for work -- they're presented here as I turned them in for publication. With that in mind, the photo in this post doesn't use the frame how I wanted -- so here's a crop of that photo, as I wish it could have been taken.


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  2. Hey I love your concept on "full frame madness" btw. Also, I noticed your former intern is starting at the Des News next week. If she's half as cool as you are then I'm really looking forward to hanging out with her. :) ps. How's the news there lately with all the follow-ups. Is it simply tedious or invigorating after the flood?