spring is (almost) sprung

I have some "real" posts coming soon, but for now, here's a quick little something from a project I'm working on about the sights and sounds of spring. If only we'd have more than one day of sun in a row, maybe I could make some progress..


  1. I just bought a Holga to take on a Europe trip next month. I believe it was this blog, years ago, where I was first introduced to the notion of lomography. How's Iowa?

  2. Iowa is rapidly fluctuating between gorgeous sunny days and gray, rainy days. But life is good, and I'm settling in nicely here.

    (I have a whole bag full of lomo and holga film waiting to be developed... this will happen soon.)

    I'll be expecting to see photos upon your return, so I can be jealous of your adventures.

  3. Love the graphic here. How the hell have you been? Hit me up!
    Drew G.