Journey to the deep brine layer

"Project WEST (Water, the Environment, Science and Teaching), is based at the U. and sponsored by the National Science Foundation. It aims to help elementary and middle-school students learn about science through hands-on experience." (see DNews' article).


teenage traceurs

A few weeks ago I spent a couple afternoons chasing this group of high schoolers around a park as they lept over fences, scaled buildings, and generally blew me away with these insane tricks. If you've seen Casino Royale, you get the idea. Parkour is the sort of thing I'd love to be able to do, but I'm way too chicken to even try. (see the DNews article here and my slideshow here.)


Sometimes I get distracted by light, and by hats. Does this happen to you, too?


I heart mail

A few years ago, I went to the Dallas Morning News to meet a photo editor, who, upon seeing the earlier incarnation of this blog, said I reminded him of a younger Allison Smith. Hmm. While I didn't necesssarily see it, I've always admired her work, so I took this as a compliment. Anyway, I got my copy of the superficial snapshots 2006 zine today... but, I don't seem to recall ever ordering it. So whoever you are, mystery gifter, much thanks!

In other news, I'm headed back to Dallas next week to shoot the Utah game at TCU. It'll be strange, and strangely wonderful, to be back in DFW for work, and if any of you will be around Thursday or Friday, let me know. I'll be in need of Bedford Snoballs, and good Tex Mex.
It's been a busy three days... here's some of what I've been up to.

Thursday : real estate and runners

The housing market is slowing down around here right now, with plenty on the market but no one buying. This agent had no appointments today, which actually fits the story pretty well. If I had an extra 150k lying around, I'd buy this house in a heartbeat.

This lil guy kept me company on the real estate assignment, and joined my growing collection of dog-sniffing-camera photos.

Region cross country with some delicious light... from my own brief cross country experience, I can feel the pain of the runners in the last two photos.

Wednesday: up in flames

I had just come back from shooting parkour (I'll post after it publishes) when we got the call about this apartment fire. Much thanks to the fire department PIO who took me and another photographer through the off-limits area to this much better view.

Tuesday : the new Nobel winner, big tvs, and South Temple

I'm really glad we went with this photo, instead of our other option -- Capecchi's face, huge, splashed across the front page. What a brilliant man, an incredible story, and well-deserved award.

I left my tv in Yakima (on purpose), so seeing 100"+ screens and completely decked-out home theaters was overwhelming, and impressive.

South Temple, scene of my afternoon walk earlier, has been named one of the top 10 streets in the country, for a whole list of reasons I tried to incorporate into these photos.


This fall has been very good to me, music-wise. Today I picked up a few new cds, among them the new Beirut.. magical.

(For a different version, on the streets of Paris, click here. Both versions are charming.)


South Temple

I took a nice, long walk today, for an assignment. This is what I saw on the way back... afternoon walks find me looking into the trees (or the concrete jungle)


rush and bonneville

I shot this a few weeks ago while on a geology-related assignment out at Lake Bonneville. Rush Lake is on the other side of the Stockton Bar (see below -- it looks like a giant dam, which is essentially what it is -- only it's geologically important to the area), which is being mined for gravel. In case you were wondering.. yes, I went offroading in my Corolla to get these photos.