I heart mail

A few years ago, I went to the Dallas Morning News to meet a photo editor, who, upon seeing the earlier incarnation of this blog, said I reminded him of a younger Allison Smith. Hmm. While I didn't necesssarily see it, I've always admired her work, so I took this as a compliment. Anyway, I got my copy of the superficial snapshots 2006 zine today... but, I don't seem to recall ever ordering it. So whoever you are, mystery gifter, much thanks!

In other news, I'm headed back to Dallas next week to shoot the Utah game at TCU. It'll be strange, and strangely wonderful, to be back in DFW for work, and if any of you will be around Thursday or Friday, let me know. I'll be in need of Bedford Snoballs, and good Tex Mex.