Did you see me on tv? No? Oh, I was the one behind the FSN guy during his mid-game updates. I shot my first Jazz game (the scrimmage a few weeks ago doesn't really count) -- actually, my first basketball game of the season -- last night, with pretty decent results. Shooting with strobes is a completely different kind of challenge, really forcing me to pay attention to the game lest I fire too soon or too late. One shot every two seconds, if I'm lucky, is all I get. On another note, my back is still sort of out of alignment from trying to lean around a video guy to see the net. I'm sure that I'm not the first photog to have video get in the way a bit, but c'mon, we all have a job to do.. can't we all just get along? Fortunately, it wasn't a crowded game and the nice folks at the Trib made room for me.

First up: after any sporting event, I come back with several "could've been" frames, with another player, or ref, in the foreground. I'm not sure why, but I keep a file of the "best" of these on my computer. (Above: I'm not sure where the connection is between "jazz" and "giant bear," but I have to say, that's one tough lookin' bear. Then, a few of the photos I submitted to the paper.)