New perspectives

This Saturday mirrored last year’s assignments: the Great Iowa River Canoe and Kayak Race and North Liberty Fun Days. It can be easy to get lazy when you shoot the same festivals and events year after year, but I took the repetition as a challenge. Continue reading on reFocus... 



Ten games, 135 photos submitted out of 9,270 taken. Not bad for three days’ work. The boys’ state soccer tournament is one of my favorite events to cover, but I’ll admit I was worried about finding fresh images on my third time covering the event. Mother Nature helped me out a little, though, and sent some rain to Des Moines for the first day. Nothing like covering six games in a miserable drizzle to keep you on your toes. I brought a tent this time around to protect our media work table, which is otherwise exposed to the elements and obviously problematic for working on a laptop. This year saw plenty of collisions, leaping and overtime, so it was hard to narrow things down to these few favorites…  [Continue to reFocus for the full post]

School's out (for good)

With a few area schools closing their doors for good at the end of the school year, I approached the administrators with an idea to document the last week at one of the schools. Roosevelt Elementary School in Iowa City was on board, and I spent three days of their last week at the school. It’s not always easy to work in schools (release forms, access to class and events, trying to be invisible to the students..) but Roosevelt was easy to work with and the days I spent at Roosevelt were the highlight of my month. The image above is from their talent show, and led the six-picture package (!) in the paper. Continue reading this post (and see my favorite images from the project) over on reFocus.