Bellevue Farm

I stopped by a farm in Williamsburg this afternoon for a story on a live nativity (photos to follow this weekend) and this gorgeous guy caught my eye (and kissed my camera).


volleyball day 3

Getting to the arena early has its perks: an hour to climb around on the catwalks, re-aiming lights (and learning how to use speedcycling!), pregame photos, and time left to blog. Above, two courts going at one during the semifinals, from one of my preferred shooting locations. Our gallery from Friday is over on iowaprepsports.com.


volleyball day 2

After two days (and eight games), the sound of volleyballs bouncing is sort of soothing. And soothing is not what I need when I'm shooting four games a day. Without further comment, a few favorites from yesterday.. (big ol' gallery here.)


so.. much.. volleyball

I'm on day two of a four-day stint at the state volleyball tournament. With four games a day (our intern Crystal LoGiudice is shooting the other four), getting variety is.. challenging. This is from my final game of the night, Marion vs Pella, after Marion won in a tough 3 games. See our huge gallery here, or click thru to (11/12's) page 1B in the Gazette's eEdition.


Two approaches to a rainy game..

The same night as the cross country race below, I covered a high school football game. Only the most serious fans (parents, and a handful of students) braved the driving rain and wind. The tent is especially smart, but the wind presented a challenge.

Race / rain

Rain can be.. problematic. My makeshift grocery sack / rain cover didn't do much good. And it's really unfortunate to discover that new gloves are not waterproof.

Once I started editing, I realized I've photographed Kyle before. Now that I'm going on two years at the Gazette, it's amazing how much smaller the community seems, and all the familiar faces I see.


Ped Mall walkalong

I spent some time with a few Iowa City police officers who provide extra police presence for downtown/Ped Mall bars on weekends.. it was a slow-ish start to the night. Dark shoots like this remind me just how much I NEED one of these. (As previously discussed, I avoid flash. The Ped Mall's light can be kind of moody and cool, actually - why ruin it?) Here's the Gazette's story.


Mayoral election watch

I photographed Brian Fagan's watch party for the mayoral election tonight, at Dublin City Pub (a rather dark place, which means I actually had to bust out the flash for once). It's hard covering events like this, when you want to be respectful (he was down in the polls the whole night) but also want to get the shot. This was sort of an in-between moment, which is what I like about it. No handshake, no smile for the camera. Here's the Gazette's story on the race.