Friday at Hawkeye Downs

I spent last Friday out at Hawkeye Downs covering the Miller 100 race. Photographers are at a bit of a disadvantage when covering a single long race out there.. once the race starts, you're stuck in whatever position you've chosen. The view may be better from inside the track, but there's no tunnel under the track, so you're stuck there once the race starts. (Above: post-race rehydration by the winner, Steve Carlson)

I opted for covering the race from outside the track, so I could have *some* diversity to the images in the slideshow I put together.

From before the race, a fan shows her collection of autographs..

Where is summer?

Oops, unintentionally took a bit of a break. Well. I'm back.

Took this for a Neighborhoods story on NW/Time Check, on a rare warm day. Where did our summer go, and can we have it back please?