A day off together is reason enough for a great meal, but throw in the Easter holiday, and we're ready to glut ourselves on delicious homemade treats (except for the hot crossed buns, which Panera did a fantastic job of preparing for us). Courtney worked quite hard on her from-scratch apple pie, which I think I'm going to help myself to right now (a benefit of playing hostess -- leftovers!)...
See more photos here.



Warmer temperatures (above freezing, which to me feels warm) have finally come to Iowa, and the frozen river started to thaw. Now, I'm new to this whole frozen bodies of water thing (in Texas, swimming pools are used year-round), but I think the way this works is, a huge chuck of ice upstream broke loose, then got stuck downstream, causing flooding. I was there when it broke free again, and it was pretty impressive to watch. Soon enough spring will be here, and I'll be able to feel my toes again for the first time in four months.


After a too-short vacation to Colorado, I headed to Des Moines to cover the girls' and boys' state basketball tournaments. We have lights set up in the catwalks, which gives us much better photos when the timing is right, but some frustration when I'm just a bit too quick..(and a lot of frustration for me and the photog here before me when they decide to not fire, a problem that we fixed by eliminating the hardwire connection between all the lights, and just hooking them each up to their own pocketwizard.) (at the end of this week, I'll post my favorites of the tournament.)