I took a last-minute trip to Chicago on some days off from work... bought a little bit of Ikea goodness for my house, went to the Art Institute, saw some friends, ate some pizza, and, actually, didn't take many photos. (Hey, we all need a vacation sometime.)


From last weekend's trip to our printing press...


Winter was more fun when I was younger, when there were snowball fights and sledding and warming up with a big mug of hot chocolate. It's not so fun as an adult, having to dig/push my car out (twice) and shovel the walk for the first time in at least ten years, though I did feel a certain sense of accomplishment at seeing my sidewalk clean.

I was pretty proud of myself last night, having made it from Iowa City to our printing press and all the way home in the snow (on eerily empty streets) without incident. Until I pulled into my alley, and promptly got stuck. (At 1 a.m.) After a few minutes (okay, maybe 20) of fruitless attempts to dig myself out, I walked up the street until I came across some kind neighbors who helped me out (they were thanked with a big jar of cocoa this morning). If only I hadn't parked in the street and had my car buried by a snow plow overnight..

Still, winter gives me an excuse to wear legwarmers and cozy sweaters and sit around drinking hot chocolate by the gallon, and in the mornings my kitchen window is beautifully, perfectly frosted.


For my birthday weekend (24?! As Alyssa so kindly pointed out, I'm now in my mid-20s. Yippie.), I went to Ames to shoot Cy-Hawk (ISU vs UI) basketball and wresting, ate questionable cherry cobbler pizza stuff at right about 3:33 (the actual time of my birth, I've been told). The birthday wasn't a total bust, though, as I hung out with a photographer friend from Utah in town for the caucus. For now, a few random outtakes..


hello, cedar rapids

Iowa welcomed me back with an ice storm. What fun! These kids from my neighborhood were taking full advantage of the ice-covered hill (and having more fun on it than I've been having on my ice-covered steps).