mad man

I love pretty much everything about Brian Anderson's retro 50s/60s house. I'm a little obsessed thrifting+antiquing, so my own decor is a hodgepodge of, well, anything from the past century that amuses me or catches my eye. He's much more focused -- and the results are pretty incredible.

There's a flea market in What Cheer next weekend. Hmmm.. dangerous.



I was in Arizona this weekend for my first Iowa football game of the season. It was a little stressful having a road game be my first game, but I didn't forget anything important (like a monopod or credential). A post of my off-work AZ photos will come later. For now, here's the game.. see more here.

Below, three photos from one Arizona fumble. My focus slipped as Arizona receiver William Wright (right) fumbled the ball after a tackle by Iowa defensive back Shaun Prater in the fourth quarter -- the faces of the coaches and players told the story.
I have a frame of Prater's hand grasping the ball (in the slideshow), but the faces here are great.

I knew there would be reaction one way or the other from the Iowa bench once the play was reviewed (and I had already seen my photo with the ball in Prater's hand), so I just had to wait for...

Of course, Iowa lost, so jube photos aren't relevant. Cliff Jette really captured the mood of the fans in this photo, though.



Oh, hey, I'm in Arizona! Kickoff of the Iowa game is in an hour. Just something I saw on the long, hot walk to the stadium. I'll have more to share later (actual game photos and a bunch of iPhone desert adventures).


Suite life

I covered fans in the suites and on the streets during this weekend's Iowa/ Iowa State game. It was pretty nice up in the boxes, but, I have to admit, I'd rather be on the field.


Fair favorites

Whoops, the Iowa state fair has come and gone. Here are a few of my favorites from the day before and opening.. (yes, that is a swine traffic jam).


For a story on the upcoming deer season, I headed to Mt Trashmore* yesterday in search of deer on public/non-hunted land. Nothing like an early-morning hike to start a day right. The air was surprisingly fresh up there.

*non-Cedar Rapidians: Trashmore is formally known as the Linn Co Solid Waste Agency Site #1, a landfill near Czech Village that was reopened after the flood.



Iowa manufacturing

I photographed two different factories last week for a story on the loss of manufacturing jobs in Iowa -- one empty, one active. It seems I've been on the empty buildings beat lately (more on that soon). No complaints here, though -- you know I love this stuff. Just give me 10 minutes inside, leave most the lights off, and set me loose with the sees-in-the-dark 5D MkII..

Stand up

"It's better than sitting on the floor," says Kobe.