Back to the game

Football season officially started last weekend! It's pretty clear that Washington's Alex Carr will be the star of the season. Boy can RUN.

...but was hit with cramps after a couple of his touchdown runs.

One more high school game this weekend and I'll have shaken off the early season rust, just in time for the start of Iowa football. I love fall!


Warehouse on Third

The Warehouse on Third has good karma. How perfect for me, then, that one of the tenants is a yoga studio.



Last weekend's MMA fight was better than the first one I shot, last year.. better light, and I knew what to expect. I only had time for three fights before deadline, which was unfortunate, since all three fights ended in the first or second round.


One last splash

It seems I've been on the pool beat this summer. Not that I'm complaining. One last day at the pool before kids went back to school and the pool closed for the season, and cuteness abounds.


Doggie paddle

Every year, after the pool is closed to humans,
dogs take over Bever Pool. Since I can't have a dog (yet), I get in all the puppy playtime I can on assignments like this! Wilson, a big Golden puppy, was my favorite.


Up with the sun


After spending a day following RAGBRAI from Quasqueton to Manchester, I'm more familiar with the gravel side roads of Delaware county than I ever expected to be. (Cars aren't allowed on the ride route.)

The day started out a little rainy but by the time I got to Manchester it was bright and sunny and I found myself wishing I was along for the ride, too.

I've been carrying my Nikon F100 lately, loaded with expired slide film. You might see those photos in a month or so when I finish the roll. It's a nice change of pace.



On the way back from working on a story in Grand Rapids, Mich. last week (details to come), the reporter and I stopped at the first exit we thought might have a Michigan Lake beach. Success! Sandy toes made the rest of the seven-hour drive a little uncomfortable, but it was worth it.